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Our Best Doctor Services

Enjoy Specialized Care Through Precision, Artistry, and Experience

Comprehensive cardiac clinical Evaluation, ECG, ECHO, Holter, Stress test, Coronary angio, Angioplasty, Cardiac surgeries.

Clinical Musculo-skeletal assessment, Physiotherapy, Prolotherapy, Pain management, all types of bone surgeries.

Exclusive Renal assessment, Investigations, Haemo Dialysis, Renal transplant / Organ transplant, Follow-up.

Complete laboratory services as walk-in / Home blood collection, Regular lab work-up packages, outsourcing advanced lab tests.

Liaison service for Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Angio, Nuclear Scan, PET scan, DEXA scan, Interventional radiology procedures.

Spine assessment, Physiotherapy, Pain Mgmt., Prolotherapy, Osteoporosis Mgmt., all type of minimal & Open Spine surgeries