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'Health is your real Wealth…' is an undisputed notion for everyone.

'Health is your real Wealth…' is an undisputed notion for everyone. Identifying the best healthcare provider within your reach is a formidable task. Over your life journey, you get to know many doctors through various sources and start experimenting. Upon periodic interactions, you start liking a few and finally pin down your trust on one or two and that bonding more or less continues all through your life.

The irony starts there. Such trusted doctor / doctors invariably turn out to be the favorite for many like you and that makes it difficult for you to reach him / her at your will or in dare need. In today’s busy world, visiting a hospital to consult a doctor and getting your health check up sorted out has become a planned task for a full day. Booking an appointment, reaching out to the hospital in a busy traffic, finding a slot among the long list of waiting patients, finally having consultation, going through all ordered investigations, collecting medicines, rebooking for follow-up and returning home costs a fortune financially and exhausts physically.

  • Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery
  • Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
  • Spine Surgery
  • Nephrology & Kidney Transplant
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology / Imaging

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Enjoy Specialized Care Through Precision, Artistry, and Experience

Comprehensive cardiac clinical Evaluation, ECG, ECHO, Holter, Stress test, Coronary angio, Angioplasty, Cardiac surgeries.

Clinical Musculo-skeletal assessment, Physiotherapy, Prolotherapy, Pain management, all types of bone surgeries.

Exclusive Renal assessment, Investigations, Haemo Dialysis, Renal transplant / Organ transplant, Follow-up.

Complete laboratory services as walk-in / Home blood collection, Regular lab work-up packages, outsourcing advanced lab tests. We provide all types of blood works with very least prices.

Same-Day Knee Replacement is not an age specific procedure. The procedure is suitable for anyone suffering from constant knee pain, inability to walk or stand and limited knee movement after failed medication therapy and physiotherapy

Spine assessment, Physiotherapy, Pain Mgmt., Prolotherapy, Osteoporosis Mgmt., all type of minimal & Open Spine surgeries